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Wednesday, 27 June 2012


My friend Claire from work first took me to this lovely little place. It looks a bit shabby from the outside, but it does the most amazing salads - perfect for a hot and sticky day in the office like today. They are based on Charlotte Street in Fitzrovia, one of my favourite places in London. 

It's a family run business and they obviously care a great deal about what they are serving. Today for instance, they ran out of enough parma ham for my salad so happily replaced it with an extra load of soft and buttery avocado. I was more than happy as you'd normally need to pay an extra 50p for add ons. 
They do other things like paninis, jacket potatoes, special rye bread sarnies and lovely fresh hot soup. But what I have been hooked on since I went there a few months ago for the first time are their salads.
Their menu can be found on their website here but they are always doing specials and changing things about. 

All the ingredients are as fresh as anything, and they are definitely not stingy with the good stuff- each salad is perfectly balanced. 

Prices are pretty good too - for a large bowl of cous cous, avocado, parma ham, artichoke, sundried tomato and spinach I paid £4.65 which is probably what you'd pay at Eat for something half as good. Plus they're always happy to cater for the choosy people (like me!) that want to swap this for that or have an extra something else. They do a great selection of lovely dressings too which are all made in their little kitchen. My favourite is the Cyprus Lemon; smooth and fruity with a citrus hit which goes great with their salmon salads.

It's the tastiness and freshness that's kept me coming back here, as well as the friendly service. Due to it's popularity there can be a queue though, so go a little early (say 12pm ish) if you are in a rush.

Now it's just a shame I have to take this back to my desk and cannot sit and enjoy it in the sunshine with a glass of wine!

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