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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

A place to share my experience of food

For Carrie Bradshaw it was shoes, for me it is food. An affair which will last a life time, from handling raw meat, pulling apart old sticky pages of musty cook books, trawling the aisles of Waitrose and spending my hard earned wages (and my boyfriend's) on more bulging bags of groceries than we can possibly eat. 
Food can become more than something to satisfy hunger. It's a celebration, a big hug on a cold day, a place to bury your face after the boss gives you a bollocking, and a way to travel back to the simplicity of childhood. One look at a jar of my Mum's amazing home-made jam or one of her special bottles of basil oil and it's like the worries of the day just fade away. 

I will definitely share this wonderful berry-bursting recipe later in the blog - I'll have to get it from my Mum- but for now I am just going to sit and sigh and imagine all the things I can dip into this big fat jar of jammy goodness when everyone has gone to bed.

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