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Friday, 6 July 2012


Last night we decided to venture out to the most beautiful Italian restaurant in Sotogrande - Lombardo's. It was actually in a little shopping centre, so it was surprising to find this little gem nestled among white washed walls, creeping bougainvilla and the local dentist!

Even the menus were lovely

Here is my sister perusing her way through a fabulous selection... what to choose what to choose?

So, to the more important details - the food! First off we started with tomato, garlic and rocket bruscetta. Sorry, the pictures aren't great - it was a little dark on our table.

For our Antipasti, we had a selection of salads (I went for the "Insalata Tricolore" which had milky fresh mozzarella, slices of soft and buttery avocado with sweet tomatoes and great big leaves of fresh basil- mm mm mmm). We also had gnocchi smothered in cheesy pesto and fat and juicy king prawns sizzled in hot garlicy butter.

I was a bit greedy actually, as I sort of had two main courses... (I did share my amazing creamy Fettuccine ai Funghi Porcini though so I don't feel so bad, plus the Italians actually divide their mains into Primi and Secondi, so surely this is how they would have wanted it to be?) Anyway, it was delicious pasta, and the taste of the porcini mushrooms gave the dish the most intense flavour.

Following on from my Primi I then went for the light option (not) with a large fillet steak, with lashings of black peppercorn sauce - cooked just how I like it - rare, rare, rare. We even ordered extra side dishes of wilted green spinach and naughty fries, which were cooked to a crisp and golden perfection. Our waitress was extremely gracious when bringing the second table that we needed for all the extra food.

Here I am in my post - four - course - meal - induced coma

All in all the service was brilliant (save one mishap at forgetting our bottle of wine, but all was forgiven), and the food was generous and finely prepared. We skipped pudding as we were all so stuffed, but did enjoy a drink on the house. My bed was definitely calling....

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