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Monday, 23 July 2012

Mijas Playa

Work has been so crazy this week I haven't even had a chance to finish blogging about our amazing holiday! It seems like a distant memory now, but let me take you back to our wonderful night at The Mijas Playa... a dreamy restaurant in La Cala de Mijas. 
The place itself is just gorgeous, white table cloths, soft blue lighting, leafy palm trees and sweeping staircases. The bar staff are ever so attentive, and kindly delivered the biggest Piña Colada to the very ecstatic lady in the orange dress. 
We had drinks in the bar, lit by twinkling fairy lights before being led to our table. Now I've seen some pretty fancy napkin folding techniques, but this one has to be right up there!
 Compliments of the chef we were served little cheesy ham pancakes 

To start, I had a trio of goats cheese - served baked, fried and breaded. It was delicious, and although quite a small portion, I had a large main meal coming, so it was really just the right size. The goats cheese was creamy with a nice tang to it, and the pastry was nice and crisp. 
My Godmother's looked so spectacular I just had to show you! Centollo Crab salad in it's own shell, with immaculate blobs of Marie Rose sauce. The food here is just the right balance of fussy presentation, and a good hearty meal. 
Tomasz's wild mushrooms sautéed in garlic and parsley and served on German bread toast (think would that just be toast to you and I?!) were as sumptuous as they sound. Simple, but excellent - I made Tomasz give me several bites!

My main course was an epic rack of hot roasted lamb, with a herbed crust, served with a jewel coloured port sauce and decadent dauphinois potatoes. 

I wore my new backless burnt orange dress that we picked up in Gibraltar. I'd like to say it was from some quirky little Spanish shop, but it was actually Topshop! It's a lovely silky material, and makes swishy noises when I walk. Plus looks great with a tan! I shall have to pop back to Spain every time I want to wear it! 

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