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Monday, 30 July 2012

Summer Sports Day

Last week for our work Summer party, we shut down the computers and headed off to the beautiful Dulwich College for a day of organised sporting fun. I must admit, when the email went around that we would be donning our running shoes and shorts, I did have a terrible High School flashback, but actually it was heaps of fun. 
The sun did a great job on the day, and armed with Pimms and an earful of jolly music from the fabulously eccentric band, we began the day's events. We got to choose from all sorts of races and sports from the sack race to volleyball. I opted to help my team in the tug of war and netball. I may have got a little competitive and accidentally smacked a poor girl in the face... honestly I'm not even sporty!

The food was surprisingly tasty - a huge buffet of vegetable kebabs, spicy chicken, creamy coleslaw, roasted asparagus, fresh salads and even strawberries and cheesecake to finish.

The afternoon was filled with lots more booze (for team building purposes of course), more games and even bouncy inflatable things and sumo suits. I think we all regressed back to children that day...

Late afternoon was a far more civilised affair, with an afternoon tea complete with exquisite cakes and bunting (need I say more?)

As the sun was setting, we were all feeling extremely merry and tuckered out from our day's exertions. After a very welcome cool shower, we slipped into our evening gear and partied the night away.

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