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Wednesday, 25 July 2012

The Alwyne Castle, Islington

A perfect way to spend a lazy Sunday (or indeed lazy any day!) for me is always to sit relaxing in the beer garden of a lovely country pub, drinking and eating in the sun with good friends. Well, obviously living in London means the "country" bit is out the window, but we do love the Alwyne Castle (just the Alwyne to us). I think it's just gorgeous, with its warm, relaxed atmosphere, yet still keeping the edge of mystery and cool you'd expect in this borough.   
The Alwyne is always busy, but not so busy that you can't get a seat or that it takes an hour for your food to arrive. They do a fun quiz night which we sometimes go to (my round would be Sex and the City, Harry Potter or FOOD), and they're open 7 days a week - what could be better? All their food is seasonal and regionally sourced which is a bonus, plus last orders are 10pm so no need to rush!
Being in Highbury and Islington, it's just a 10 minute walk back home - perfect for digesting one of their delish steak burgers, topped with melted cheddar and oozy bacon. The only thing that can be a bugger is choosing what to eat! Their website is here - - have a look, and next time you are in our area come by and say hi - we will probably be there. 

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