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Thursday, 31 January 2013

A Little Break

So it's been a while since I've written a post on here, I'm terribly sorry - what a crap blogger I am... but I can show you a few photos of what I've been up to to make up for it if you like? 

We went on a lovely holiday to Spain for Christmas - the weather was incredible for December so we went for a brisk walk on the beach to blow out the cobwebs. 

We also got up to a spot of skiing in Sierra Nevada which literally means "Snowy Range" in Spanish. There's a good amount of runs, and although it didn't snow while we were there, there was still plenty of skiing to be had. 
The restaurants in Sierra Nevada are mixed - there's all sorts to choose from; Italian, French, Spanish to name a few, but our favourite was a place called Little Morgan. I couldn't find their website, but their Facebook page is here

It's an absolutely tiny restaurant that only seats about 12 people at once, so it's advisable to book before. It's cosy, charming and offers great service. We opted for the cook your own meat selection - you are given a hot stone to sizzle your own bits of chicken, pork, sausage, black pudding and steak. Between 3 or us, combined with a sharing cheese fondue it was a mammoth meal and we left stuffed. There is something pleasing about cooking your own food at the table though, isn't there?

 The weather was beautiful for us and we all caught the sun. But the best bit? It's only 2 hours away from my Mum and Dad's new home so it means we can come back all the time! 

Sun, sea, great food and skiing can be awfully exhausting, so we napped a lot. What have you been getting up to? 

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