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Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Paris Part One

This weekend Tomasz and I went to Paris, or "la Ville-Lumière" for a little break from London. We stayed in this cute hotel in the 13th arrondissement near China Town, which was clean and simple, with great service from all of the staff. 
Paris is very expensive so we had to be crafty and navigate the underground (dodging all of the tramps who sleep down there) and have the odd supermarket breakfast, but I'm so glad we went. 

Feeling French having a ciggie...
I knew the food was going to be incredible... but let me show you some of the fantastic delights we sampled. 

Charcuterie et Fromages  (meats and cheeses) and Camembert rôti au miel (baked Camembert cheese 

oozing with honey).

Succulent burgers and beef tartar (popular evidently), and the Parisians definitely know how to make their chips! Delish. 

Of course we visited the main sites and took some typical photos (we couldn't resist being tourists), but I found that just wondering around was the best thing to do (with some idea where we were going of course). 

Even though it was freezing it's really easy to spend hours meandering down the streets and river bank and darting in and out of the endless coffee shops. 

Even a simple ham and cheese toastie seemed to taste better in Paris. 
Soupe à l’Oignon Gratinée (Onion Soup) is on practically every menu, and this one was particularly good. Full of rich beefy flavour and lashings of cheesy soggy bread. 

We didn't really have time to research too much before we went as we booked quite last minute, but it didn't matter, we had a trusty map, my passable French and our nose to guide us. 

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