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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Rest & Relaxation

Today was a busy day... when I left the office I felt tense, stressed and tired. Normally this is just the time I would head for some food to relax me. Today I decided to focus on how I was feeling, and what needs were not being met for me in this situation (rest, calm, enjoyment, relaxation...)
Instead of going on autopilot to cook dinner, do washing etc, I came home and had a lovely long soak in the tub, and pampered myself instead with delicious smelling creams and potions. I communicated that I was tired to my lovely boyfriend and asked if he would cook for me tonight. He happily obliged and is now bustling around in the kitchen while I sit my silky skinned behind in bed and write. Ahhh. Bliss. 

My lovely de-stress kit tonight was Dirty Works Breathe Easy face mask - I like this as it's not sticky or too dry, it goes on nicely and comes off easily. It's handy that it's in a tube too, so you can dollop on as much as you like. I followed that with their eye cream to help rid me of the old bags and puffiness and my Olay 3 Point Treatment Cream. Granted I do work on their advertising, so we tend to get freebees at work, but this cream is sublime. It's silky, thick and doesn't leave a residue. For over £25 a pop it's not cheap (although I think you can get it cheaper on Amazon), but my skin always feels amazingly smooth after I've applied it. 
For my body I finally ripped into a Christmas present from Tomasz's sister - Sanctuary Spa body moisturisers. These I found a bit too sticky for my liking (I used the Mande Lular body soufflé), but the smell is wonderful - it has the same spicy and natural scent you get from a real spa. 
For my hair I use Kérastase Nectar Thermique - mine is bleached (I know, I know, but it's so NATURAL I hear you say...) so I need something to really put back the moisture. I have to be careful to run it through the tips and not get any on the roots, but it's great for giving my hair a treat. 
So after all this, the desire to eat? Gone. The stress from the day? No more. Do I feel guilty? Nope. I must admit this is something I struggled with a couple of weeks ago. I worried about what would happen if I didn't cook dinner and we got a pizza, or if I took my whole lunch break... and you know what? The sky isn't falling, the world does keep turning, and everyone soon gets the message that I am currently unavailable for 1 hour. The funny thing is, once I've had that hour I am much better company, a much better employee, much friendlier and more confident. Who knew taking time for yourself not only helps your waist line, but your whole peace of mind and self esteem as well?

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