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Friday, 18 July 2014


Beetroot is an excellent source of folic acid, fibre, magnesium and potassium. It detoxifies your liver (great for a week with my mum!) and is great for digestion. 
Borsch is a typically Eastern European dish, and because I live with a Polski I thought I'd make some. It's low in fat, filling and an amazing deep purple colour which is just gorgeous. It's also bloody easy to make. 
In Poland they serve with potatoes and a couple of boiled eggs, but I just finished ours off with a trickle of single cream and some fresh chopped parsley. 

To make you will need: 

Stick of celery
bay leaf
2 tbsp caraway seeds
Salt & Pepper

Peel an roughly chop all your veggies and put into a pot. Cover with your stock and spices and boil until everything's nice and soft. It will need an hour probably. 
Once it's all tender take out the bay leaves and blend until smooth and velvety. Add in more water or seasoning if it's too thick or bland. 

And that's it! Serve with some cream and fresh herbs, or a boiled egg if you want to be traditional. 

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