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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Speedy Spanish Rice

This is a really easy meal. I mean really easy. If you skimp on the olive oil it’s also really low in fat. You can substitute the prawns with anything else you wish - chicken, seafood mix, pork, chorizo, mushrooms, peppers... whatever you like. It’s basically a simple and quick paella. 

You will need:

Rice (I used a bag of lazy packet stuff)
Olive oil/ low cal spray
Pack of king prawns
White wine
Sundried tomatoes , drained
Fresh parsley
Hot chilli sauce
Fresh chillis
Pil Pil mix (essentially dried paprika, garlic and chilli)
Salt & Pepper

Chop and fry your onion, garlic and chilli in tsp of olive oil until soft and golden (I used my own chilli and garlic oil) or some low cal cooking spray if you want to keep fat down. 
Add in a good few sloshes of wine and reduce. Put in lots of salt, pepper and your spices and leave to blend for a few minutes. 
Add in a bit of water so it’s not too dry and let it simmer while you chop up your tomatoes and sundried tomatoes, then stir those through so they’re coated in the beautiful red liquid. Don’t be afraid to be rough here – the flavours are robust and designed for relaxed cooking.
Squeeze in some lemon juice and pile in your rice. If it’s dry rice you’re working with, add a load of stock and cover, stirring occasionally until it’s soft. A handful per person of dried rice is usually right for this. If it’s lazy slut rice like I used then stir it through until it’s a lovely orangey red colour and all the juices have soaked in and you’re good to go.
Finally, tumble in your king prawns, the fresh chopped parsley and a good dollop of hot sauce for an extra kick. If you don’t like it hot, leave this step out!


Serve piled up on a plate with a wedge of lemon and some extra parsley sprinkled on top for a pop of colour. A gorgeous taste of Spain, low in fat and really quick. 

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