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Thursday, 7 August 2014


We left London and work behind to have a few weeks in Spain. After some much needed sun soaking and relaxing by the pool we headed to the beach for a few cocktails before dinner.

At Wazza Bar their cocktails are heavily laden with alcohol - and very welcome. Mojitos, large frosty beers and a tequila sunrise on the beach. 

For our first dinner we chose a great Japanese restaurant in town for a delicious meal of fresh sushi and teppanyaki

California rolls with sesame, avocado and salmon.

Miso soup with tofu and seaweed.

Steaming seafood soup served in a dinky teapot.

Crispy Gyoza dumplings stuffed with duck and spring cabbage.

Kaiso seaweed salad.

Crunchy prawn dragon rolls.

Light and crispy tempura prawns with teriyaki dipping sauce.

Crab and avocado rolls with orange beads of fish roe.

Pan seared squid and broccoli tossed in garlic, soy and spring onion.

After much wine and food we whizzed back to the villa for a heated game of cards. The girls are on a bit of a losing streak, but we will return!

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