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Friday, 1 August 2014


Down the rabbit hole we went for our annual Summer party to Saatchistock festival. There were jugglers, clowns, segways, zorbing and face painting all set on the grounds of a magical fairy tale cottage.

We were handed our programmes and a cocktail as we stepped through the hedgerow arch into Wonderland. 

Paper lanterns, bunting and colourful ribbons led the way as we explored...


...and flower garlands were the order of the day for the festival look. 


We chose our war paint; glitter sparkles, bindis and frosted lips. There were feathers, top hats, even a Carmen Miranda style turban topped with fruit!

We ate rolls from Sub Cult and The Bowler’s meatballs and it was all delicious. Thick pieces of steak, mushrooms, truffle mayonnaise and jalapeños all piled into a soft roll on the one side, and meaty balls with fresh sauces and salads on the other, all served from a van covered in grass. The subs just clinched it for me though – perfect to soak up all the rum punch.

We nabbed a deck chair to let the food go down – not before grabbing a scoop of fresh Cornish ice cream.

The rest of the afternoon we danced to the band, tried our luck on the rodeo bull, zorbed, segged and tried to avoid falling asleep on the beanbags.  

Down, down, down, there was nothing else to do but drink. 

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