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Thursday, 18 September 2014

This Week's Love List

I’m going a bit autumn crazy. I just want the weather to get cold and it’s not, darn it. I’m being stubborn though and holding fiercely onto my change of style and saying a firm goodbye to the mushy, ‘nothing’ weather. It’s not hot, it’s not cold. It’s just a bit bleurgh. While the weather works out what the heck it’s doing with itself, I’ll take you through the things that are on my love list this week. 
I got these boots last winter and they are brilliant. My mum and sister also have a pair and they get better the more you wear them. The leather goes darker and more weathered – so lots of splashing in puddles is recommended to give them more of antique look. (Lucky really given it’s guaranteed to start pissing it down soon, I’m sure). They’re from Office and you can buy them here

Next on the list is one of Tomasz’s shirts. I've nicked it this week because it’s warm, cosy and still cool enough to wear in a stuffy office. I used to wear checked shirts all the time. I love that they’re masculine and so very, very comfy. This one’s from Armani and it’s so soft I don’t think he’s ever getting it back!! 

Of course my world is mainly centred around food and my stomach so there’s got to be a gastronomic mention; the Frittaffle, naturally.  It’s clearly the invention of a man left to his own devices with a waffle iron and a sparse fridge. Check out the recipe on realfoodbydad and get crimping. 

Last week M&S got Pick of the Week in Campaign for their new ‘Only M&S’ campaign. Back comes the food porn with a vengeance and I’ll be the first to admit I’ve been totally sucked in. From the slo-mo egg yolk drip, the exploding raspberry seeds and that fantastic chocolate sauce, I’ve been scurrying to my local M&S food hall like the good little consumer I am. ‘Adventures in Imagination’ is truly beautiful work by Rainey Kelly (RKCR/Y&R), and will likely be a marketing case study of excellence once the business results come in. 

After all the stress of a work day we all need to unwind. What better way to do that than with a smelly candle and something riveting to read? For those of you who follow me on Instagram you’ll know I’ve been enjoying a good sniff of this wintery treat from The White Company all week. It’s rich, spicy and warming and lasts for hours. A bit on the pricey side, but great for an indulgent treat. You can buy yours here

As for the reading list, it’s got to be Country Homes mag and the gripping 16th Century tale 'The King's Curse' by Philippa Gregory (me and Ma are huge fans). I’m also planning to purchase the brilliant first book by ‘How Sweet It Is’ blogger; Seriously Delish. Even the cover is making me dribble…  

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And last but not least on this week’s love list are dogs. I’m craving something furry in my home, and would love love love to get a dog. It’s all my friend Charlotte's fault. She recently welcomed a gorgeous little blonde lab-retriever cross into her home, and now I’m dying of jealousy. We’ve always been dog people, having at least two or three pets at once and it feels time to have one again. Thanks to local dog walkers offering extremely reasonable weekly rates, perhaps it could be a possibility. Now we just have to convince the landlords…

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