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Wednesday, 8 October 2014

This Week's Love List

Today I realised it's only 11 weeks until Christmas. I hate Christmas shopping with a passion (or any form of forced shopping really) so anything I can do to ease the suffering is welcome. Online shopping is an obvious one.  Anyone who's experienced the hell of Oxford Street in the run up to December knows it's a place of the devil's making and to be avoided. Getting started early is a must too, not just for online delivery times, but for budgeting and also so I won't be crying on the escalator in John Lewis because I don't know what to buy. is a lovely site. I'm sure most of you are familiar with it, but they do the most beautifully intricate silver candle holders. I already have a couple like this, but they could make a perfect little gift. 
I'm having a gold moment as well. Anyone who knows me knows that silver has always been my preference when it comes to jewellery, but these pretty stacking rings from Etsy are enough to sway me down a new path.  

We went to the Cake and Bake Show on Saturday, and I bought some delightfully pointless mini glass milk bottles. They were only a tenner, and you get six, so I felt this was a reasonable deal for something I would likely never use. I've been trying to find some inspiration for them though, and actually think I may find a purpose for them yet. If you have any friends who like delightfully pointless things too, you can pick up your own set here


It's getting colder, so fruit and a yoghurt for breakfast just won't do. For a more hearty meal, I adore dippy eggs and soldiers (a concept unknown to my Polish boyfriend who still laughs at me when I have my toast cut up like a six year old). For those of you who also love to have a good yolk dunk, these sweet little egg cup holders are ideal. Now here's the egg-citing bit, you can have them personalised with whatever you want on them! Very cute. Get yours here

Red cabbage is one of October's most brightly coloured gems. Not really a good idea for a Christmas gift (well, unless they're really crazy about it), but I still wanted to include it on this week's list. High in fibre and vitamin C surprisingly, it's great for staving off colds and is perfect in salads, coleslaw or caramelised and served with seasonal game. Yum. 
What I'm really wanting for Christmas this year (hint hint Mum if you're reading this!) is a Barbour jacket. Off the website they're about £400, but you can get a cheaper one on eBay for about £150. I like the green or navy ones and the lining has got to be tartan.  

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To 'wrap up' this week's love list are big knitted scarves and jumpers. In the blustering wind and rain, nothing is more cosy than a nice long scarf you can bury your face in. The only down side is that they are a tad hot on the tube, and also easily prone to getting caught on things... or is that just me?

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