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Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Arabian Nights

For the Christmas party season we were transported to an Arabian paradise. Dripping in beads, belly dancers and bucking rodeo camels we partied the night away in style. The events company had pulled a blinder - we were surrounded by colour, glitter and even a genie if you could find the lamp... 

Images supplied by events company

Temptresses shook their hips and swayed to the music holding live snakes (I didn't touch). Thick red and gold carpets and tented ceilings added to the atmosphere, and trays of tinkering glasses made their way through the crowds, balanced expertly on waitresses heads. 

We were told to don our own costumes of silks, sequins and saris... some people got quite creative, naturally.

Miniature Moroccan masterpieces were served on giant silver platters - lamb and herb meatballs with fluffy couscous and tagine baked vegetables, and a falafel version for the veggies.

We were treated to a spectacular show of exotic dancing and sword swallowing. The way their bodies bent was incredible, and enough to make you want to start yoga! The beautiful ladies gracefully twisted and turned, grabbing the shy ones from the audience to dance with them. 

The evening descended into debauchery, naturally but I managed to slip away before the doors of the magic cave closed. A fantastic celebration of 2014... 

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