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Friday, 8 February 2013

Covent Garden

Last night I met my good friend Anna for a quick drink. We decided to meet in Covent Garden, which is one of my favourite areas in London.
The cobbled streets and Parisian vibe make everything feel like a film set (well, minus the fact that it was pissing with rain and I couldn’t find a cashpoint). 
There was a really sweet installation set up in the Piazza, which was a metal structure with loads of little heart keyrings with personal love messages on them. I've done some reading and apparently is to raise money for the British Heart Foundation. You can read a bit more about it here. It was late when I went so I guess they had all gone home, but apparently there are people who will let you write your own heart message for a £3 donation. 

Love seemed to be the theme at Covent Garden last night...

Despite the rain I still managed to do a spot of window shopping before meeting Anna, who was hovering around the food stalls of the Real Food Market, which happens every Thursday. 

Because it was the end of the day, most of the stalls were packed up already but the remaining ones were giving away stuff for knock down prices. Cake fer a paaaand anyone? 

I didn't have any cash so unfortunately couldn't get any of the delicious pulled pork, Anna did though (although she did share some with me...) 
These lovely chaps gave me a free cup of their homemade Gumbo though, which was fantastic. Gumbo is a sort of soupy stew which comes from Louisiana originally, this one had beef in it. 
They also sold Chilli Con Carne bursting with kidney beans, spicy sausages, 'slaw, and a whole load of spices and hot sauces perfect for makin' your own Deep South soul food. 

Once I had finished licking the last remnants of Anna's pulled pork out the box, we headed to a busy and noisy little bar on the corner of Wellington Street. We found a cosy corner, a glass bottle of wine, a couple of Mojitos and settled in for a well overdue chat. 

We didn't have these as well, seeing as it was only Thursday. I just liked the glasses with chunks of pineapple on them. Feeling a bit squiffy I headed back home in the rain. 

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