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Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Sarson's Fish & Chip Campaign

A good Brit loves a bag of fish and chips. We may be geographically divided when it comes to toppings (gravy, cheese, curry sauce, scraps, au naturel...) and the debate over ketchup or mayo rages on (I'm partial to a blob of both, actually), but no one can deny the feeling of clutching a hot paper parcel of fat chippy shop chips and a fillet of crispy fried fish. Come on, you know you're salivating thinking of that smell filling your nostrils.

Sarson's most recent print campaign seeks to use the nation's attachment to this splendid grub by rejoicing in fish and chip Fridays - a concept still popular for many, and something we need to hold onto in the age of sushi and the deconstructed apple crumble.

The layouts are really simply done; illustrating the loving relationship between a fish and a chip, the bond over Sarson's vinegar and celebrating their all important Fridays together. We all know that Friday feeling; a night on the town, a cosy night in, or just a few beers down the pub, and these nostalgic ads communicate that sense of fun and playfulness perfectly.

Sarson's move to link themselves to the classic double act born out of Victorian Britain ensures we form an emotional connection to their brand. During World War II, ministers even made sure fish and chips were one of the few foods that were never rationed because they thought it would boost morale and help us win the war! When a meal becomes a matter of national security, you know it's powerful, and it's clever for Sarson's  to play on that. 

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