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Friday, 28 November 2014

How to Style your Christmas

OK, so the Yanks have had their Thanksgiving fun. Now it’s our turn. With Christmas on the doorstep, isn’t it time you started thinking about (Norwegian) sprucing up your home? I've put together a few ideas to give your neighbours a run for their money in the yuletide style stakes.

Step away from the keyboard and pull out a pen and one of these bad boys this year. With just enough of a homemade feel to them, your friends and family will really think you care (when actually you can be spending your time on the really important stuff – catching up on MasterChef). Crafty Christmas cards are just the ticket for your nearest and dearest – get yours at  

Cute little bags full of I don’t know what, but they certainly look festively fetching. Grab a couple of bags and tie on some cinnamon sticks and berries (and a wooden spoon if you’re feeling really generous) to make any gift merry. Gorgeous. 

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Not sure if this is actually Christmas, or just summer in Alaska but I’m loving the reindeer cushions in this pale winter grey. Add to the Inuit look with a couple of large fisherman lanterns and a throw. Log cabin and snow optional. 

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If you’re having hoards of guests over, the likelihood is you’ll all be fighting over your favourite blanket when it comes time to watch It’s a Wonderful Life. Buy a couple of extras and pop them in a basket like this ready so you don’t have to give yours up. Then all you’ll need to worry about is wrestling for a spot on the sofa…

Sick of too much glitz and glitter at Christmas these days? Me too. I’m all for a traditional look. These delightfully delicate origami stars by Justine Hand are the perfect nod to just that, and they’re even made from discarded vintage books. If that doesn’t make you feel romantic, I don’t know what will. Plus they’re only $10 for three from here.
Got some new faces at the table this year? Then why not make everyone a sweet little placeholder ‘card’? They’re really easy to make, all you’ll need is a few pinecones, some tags and a can of spray glitter. Ok, I know I said before that I like traditional… but this glitter is ok. Just keep it tasteful people.
Really can’t be arsed to make them? You can get yours to order here

If you do end up making those bags and have a few cinnamon sticks left over, why not use some tied with twine to jazz up your linen? If that’s too much trouble, a sprig of rosemary also looks great plonked on a more rustic napkin (unless you’re more of a kitchen roll person, in which case Sainsbury’s do a rather fancy range). 

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We all know you’ll be up ‘till midnight wrapping the damn presents, and you may run out of ribbon. It happens, trust me.  If it does, don’t worry, grab some parcel string and brown paper and go for the recycled chic look instead. Newspaper also looks surprisingly good too, so no need to run to 24 hour Tesco in your slippers.

These folks have had a great idea if you’re broke (it also looks pretty stunning too). Save a bundle on decorations and pop down to your local fruit and veg shop instead. Pick up a grapefruit, some pears and a couple of big oranges for a few quid, then slice them and slowly dry them out in a low oven. Cover them in PVA glue, and let them dry until they’re shiny and stiff. Hang them from the tree, the stairs, or even Grandma’s ears while she’s sleeping. Wherever you put them, they’ll look fab. 
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And finally, Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without shitloads of lights. Candles, tealights, fairylights, neon Santas (if you must)… whatever you like, make sure there’s light.

You can pick up this pretty mesh table runner and candle set here.

Happy sprucing! 

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