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Tuesday, 25 November 2014

5:2 - 3 month mark

So, three months (99 days) on this plan, and I'm 11lb down. It's been slow, but it's been easy (mostly). The very fact that I'm still on it shows this is a sustainable, long term thing. My desire to eat unhealthy food on my 5 normal days is diminishing too, oddly (not my desire for white wine, unfortunately). I've found myself drawn to Slimming World meals on Instagram this week (it's amazing how many 'likes' a poached egg and spinach can get!) and I'm finding it to be a great source of inspiration for meals. A lot of people ask what you can/should eat on the 5:2, so thought I'd share some of my meals. Warning: there will be a lot of avocado. 
Bacon is always a cracking way to break a fast. I do love bacon. Lately I've been grilling it more instead of frying, but still with lashings of brown sauce. 

Poached eggs, avocado and tomatoes on wholemeal bread. Another fast breaker and good for a hangover (although I don't drink on fast days). 

Leon do the most amazing salads, and a new branch has just opened up on Tottenham Court Road. This particular gem is Lamb Kofte, slow cooked with chilli, garlic and cumin. Piled on top is a load of hummus, cabbage pickle and pomegranate seeds with a superfood salad. Delish. 

Not the most attractive of dishes, but I have to say Sainsbury's microwave meals are a lifesaver on fast days. This is the mushroom risotto, with extra rocket. Each meal is around 300 - 350 calories and they're perfect for an evening meal with around 200 cals for lunch. Technically you're supposed to only have 500 cals on a fast day, but some days I do stretch it a little if I need to. 

More poached eggs and avocado, this time with bacon... I've learned this is apparently 'yolk porn'. 

This is a fast day meal. A fillet of salmon with soy and garlic, poached mushrooms and salad comes to about 275 cals. I would probably have had a pot of Diet Chef cous cous for lunch (250 cals). 

Inspired by Slimming World, this lovely salad has prawns, pasta, feta cheese, olives, avocado (of course) and a teaspoon of green pesto. Ideal to prepare the night before and take to work (I'm crawling to pay day so packed lunches are a must right now). 

On Saturday I met my sister at Somerset House to have a look at the Egon Schiele exhibiton. Having spent a good twenty minutes being cultural (translation: laughing at the big muffs) we popped to Pizza Express for lunch. We both had amazing salads and shared a lovely bruschetta to start.  The salads weren't that healthy - lots of creamy dressing and cheese... but still amazing. 

Of course there have been more meals in between - a few pieces of toast here and there, the odd yoghurt, and even a couple of Big Macs (I'm not even sorry). But overall I'm eating better on my 'feast' days than I did at first, and my arse is definitely looking smaller. Roll on next Summer when I may be ready to share some transformation pics.

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