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Saturday, 1 September 2012

Italian ciabatta

I went to the shops to ferret around for some of my favourite ingredients and came out with prosciutto ham, buffalo mozzarella, a fresh and warm ciabatta roll, pesto (jarred, I couldn't be arsed to make my own) and vine - ripened tomatoes. These are some of the simplest but best ingredients for whipping up something tasty - in my case a mega sandwich.

You will need: 
Serves 1
4-6 slices prosciutto ham
Ball of buffalo mozzarella (you will need about half per person if you like it cheesy like me!)
1 ciabatta roll
Pesto - several tablespoons
1 large, ripe tomato 
Drizzle of olive oil
A few fresh basil leaves as garnish
Black pepper
Patience to let the cheese melt in the oven!

Start by baking your ciabatta for 10 minutes or so until slightly crispy. Then slice in half (mind your fingers!) and spread a good layer of pesto on top. 
Load up the halves of your sandwich with ham... I sort of used the whole packet (well, it wouldn't keep...)
Slice up your cheese and pile that on too, with a bit of fresh black pepper and some slices of those soft, sweet tomatoes.

Pop back into the oven for another 10 - 15 minutes (or until the mozzarella is starting to melt) and serve with a few fresh basil leaves and a drizzle of olive oil.

Magic. Are you a sandwich fan? I'd love some inspiration for my next one!

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