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Friday, 31 August 2012


Last week my work colleagues and I went out for a lovely lunch for Roz's birthday. Elysée is a Greek restaurant close to our work on Percy street and the food is always fabulous. 
It's a family-run place, and the staff are always helpful and utterly charming. No request is a bother for them and they make you feel extremely taken care of. 

We had a lot of picky bits to share (which is the best way with food I think, then you get to sample everything). We started with grilled halloumi cheese, deep fried crispy calamari and warm pittas.  

They then brought out a fresh greek salad, stuffed vine leaves (Dolmades) with mushroom and parsley, and meatballs in a rich tomato sauce. We were getting quite full by this point, but we had to make space for the hot chicken and lamb skewers (Souvlaki) with cous cous and a wonderful stuffed aubergine with minced lamb and béchamel sauce (Papoutsakia). 

The Greek
The birthday girl!

Because we had our lovely Greek Art Director with us, we even got free watermelon which was a perfect crisp and juicy pallet cleanser. 

Elysée isn't too bad price-wise either, especially for the centre of London. We found the eight dishes for four of us more than enough (Morgan didn't eat) and the bread keeps coming. 
Their website is here - have a peruse at their a la carte menu to see all the other yummy things they serve. 

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