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Thursday, 2 August 2012

Columbia Road Flower Market

On Sunday, me, mum and my sister trotted down to one of the best spots in London - Columbia Road Flower Market, located in the East End. They're open 8am until 3ish, but I'd say the best time to head down is half 1- 2pm, because that's when they start flogging their produce at knock down prices. 
It was raining a bit, but we grabbed brollies and our fivers to load up on the amazingly cheap (but fantastic quality) posies. 
The atmosphere is buzzing with the shouts and cries from the sellers trying to pull you in with their deals, and the live music players strumming and tapping away to entertain the crowds. 

There are soo many different types of flowers, plants, herbs, shrubs, trees, creepers and vines on offer you don't quite know where to turn. The colours and smells are wonderful, and it's all crammed into one little road.  It really feels like you are stepping back into a market from a Dickens novel, especially with all the little independent shops, carts and cockney accents!

The road is littered with row upon row of small shops, proudly displaying lots of vintagey-type items which go perfectly with the feel of the area. Only thing is, these shops are damn expensive.

I was chuffed to bits with my flowers - twenty massive pink roses, a bunch of pillowy white peonies and some electric blue flowers that I actually don't know the name of... and all for £15. WHAT A BARGAIN. In a florist that would easily set you back £40. It's definitely worth the trip daan to the East End. 

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