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Thursday, 30 August 2012


Last Friday the boyfriend and I hopped onto a plane to pay his homeland a visit. I've been a few times before, but I wanted to show you his lovely town. Wejherowo is nestled between the Baltic sea and lots of lakes, hills and forests in the North of Poland. There are lots of pretty buildings in the square, and lots of pigeons!

I am a big fan of the cukiernias - which are basically little cake shops, serving all sorts of fresh cream puffs, cupcakes and pastries... I had my nose pressed against the glass most times. 

Wejherowo was founded by Jakub Wejher in the 17th century and they have a monument for him in centre. 
On the third day we took a trip to one of the 'Triple Cities' - Gdynia.  The three consist of Gdańsk, Gdynia and Sopot, which are all popular places to visit just a short train ride away from Tomasz's family home. We've already been to the other two (and I'm sure I'll go back) so we mooched along by the boats and families enjoying the beach. 

We also went up into the woods to watch Wejherowo's local team play football in the Polish league (anything more technical than that and you will have to ask him!)

I'm even learning a little bit of Polish too (dzień dobry!) but it still takes a lot of alcohol to pluck up the courage to speak it in a room full of Poles :)
After a lovely long weekend I left the Polski to have a few more days at home, while I flew home back to London. What did you do this bank holiday?

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