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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Tea Party

You know I love a good cupcake (or three), so it's always fun when we host one of our little tea parties at work. We do this to chat to people around the building, by pulling them in with offers of a glass of bubbles and a cute little cake, and thought I'd show you the set up! 

We get our cupcakes from Peyton & Byrne on Tottenham Court Road, which are just delish. They are fresh every day and come in different flavours like passionfruit, chocolate, raspberry and coconut... (sorry if I am making you hungry here, but they are seriously good). You better not be shy about frosting though, because these swirly beauties are basically half creamy, fruity whip.

Our catering company always provides us with these delicate vintage tea cups (I'm a sucker for anything vintage so these are right up my street. My mum is too, and has even started collecting for when me or my sister finally gets married! Ok slow down Ma....)

While I'm on the subject of cupcakes, I thought I'd also recommend this company. Their website isn't quite as sleek as Peyton & Byrne's, but I can assure you that the cakes from the Beverly Hills Bakery are some of the best I've tasted. These ones were delivered to me on my birthday, in a lovely soft cream box, with a green satin bow. They line the inside with cute gingham material and the cakes arrive refridgerated. Nice touch, no?

And that is to say nothing of the little works of art which await you as you lift the lid. Little lickable treats, which are rich and light and have me running back for my fourth cupcake in one hour. They do all sorts of flavours - double chocolate, lemon, blueberry, strawberry & white chocolate and more probably. Any time you have an occasion, and don't have time to make your own, I highly recommend these guys (and hell, even if you do have time to make your own, this is probably the better bet anyway!) 

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