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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

London Fields BBQ

The weekend was hot, hot, hot and we were invited for a picnic and BBQ in London Fields. My parents were staying, so we took them along as well. 

Hot baba enjoying lunch

There were hundreds of people all relaxing and sitting on the grass. It makes such a change when the weather is nice for once. People brought their own food, drinks and BBQs and put their working week behind them. 
My Mum made some lovely food for us to take - an old Jewish recipe (we aren't Jewish this just happens to be one she found once) for potato salad, including dijon mustard, chives, gherkins, mayonnaise, lots of black pepper and parsley. 
We also had a fabulous tomato and mozzarella salad, and two whole chickens which we roasted with lime and ginger before chopping it all up and bringing it along. 
 The little disposable BBQs were complete crap actually, so it's lucky our chicken was already cooked! 

I even got a Mr Whippy :)
When the sun went down we carried (much lighter) bags back to the car and whizzed through Dalston back home. We then played a brilliant game of Canasta which got extremely heated. Great day. 

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