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Sunday, 3 August 2014


Wednesday was hot in London. A lovely Summer evening, the crickets were chirping and we needed a cocktail. I met Lucy in Bethnal Green and we strolled through Victoria park to the village for a bit of Mexican. 

Machete is one of Lucy's regular spots for it's relaxing and welcome atmosphere, and of course their cocktails are sublime. We started off with a tangy raspberry mojito and a delicious sour variation on the Caipirinha with strawberries and balsamic vinegar. These were so great we went for another round immediately.

Their menu is simple and true to the rustic nature of the place, there isn't a lot of choice.  After checking out their Facebook page it seems there are new dishes and additions added based on Erick the chef's experimentation and what's tasty (along with a few firm favourites). 

The decor, like their menu is unfussy and rustic. No frills, but all the better for it. I doubt you'd be looking for table linen or pressed aprons in the heart of Cancun. It doesn't feel contrived either. Scrubbed wooden tables, brightly painted thick pottery, and a chiminea readily stacked with logs in a little hidden courtyard. 

We shared a bowl of cheesy nachos, topped with salsa, guac and tonnes of chopped coriander. We followed this with soft burritos stuffed with shredded pork, rice, crunchy lettuce and a VERY hot salsa. (I realised this after I had gaily doused my plate with even more of the stuff and nearly choked on my pork, but hey ho, it was all lovely).

We liked the waitress and her swaying hips so much we decided to let her choose our final cocktail. A spicy mix of cinnamon, frothed with egg white and lemon it was like a sweet pudding to end the meal with - and down it went!

We merrily wobbled our way back through the park past the chirpy crickets and vowed to come back to sample the other delights of the village. 

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