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Wednesday, 20 August 2014

The Gypsy Kings at El Oceano

It was nearly the end of our holiday (sob), so we wanted to do something special. After another day soaking up the sun by the pool and such expert diving from Tomasz, we were ready for some more fun. We put on our finest (well, sort of) and whizzed down to the beach to watch the Gypsy Kings live.

The Gypsy Kings are actually French but their influence comes from Flamenco and Rumba, with a dash of Brazilian style more recently. They make one hell of a sound, which I love to listen to while I cook. They've released a new album in the last year which is brilliant too. I’m such a huge fan of Latin music, I couldn't wait!

El Oceano is one of the smarter restaurants in Mijas Costa. A beautiful sleek hotel on the beachfront, with a ‘floating’ glass veranda overlooking the water. There’s often live music and entertainment, and a piano player who softly lilts away as you watch the sunset before the show. The views are just stunning and the whole atmosphere is cool, calm and relaxed.

Our menu was fixed for the band. We chose chilled roulade of smoked salmon with a mixed herb sauce, or veal and bacon terrine with a curried compote of apple and raisin to start. For mains, a breast of chicken with tikka masala sauce and lightly spiced basmati rice, or the baby leg of lamb stuffed with rosemary and garlic, served on a bed of sweet red cabbage, a potato fondant and a rich, meaty jus.

For dessert we wolfed down a trio of crème brûlée, raspberry trifle and cheesecake with a red velvet tuile. The pictures are a little blurred because I was probably shaking my thing to the upbeat sounds of the guitar!

We danced, clapped and stomped our feet while ladies in dramatic dresses spun and twirled, batting their eyelashes behind their fans as they dragged the poor gents out of their seats and to the dance floor. 

El Oceano's website is here.

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