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Monday, 14 July 2014

English Garden

My mum's staying this week, so I sent Tomasz out to get some flowers for her room. I brought in an old wooden table we found in the shed, which was purely placeholder but we think actually it goes really well! The vase was a gift from a friend when we moved in. 

The house has been full of the lovely tropical scent from this candle. I'm a bit obsessed with coconut.

I bought gladioli last week and they are still going strong. They make me think of white sand beaches and tropical islands.

Mum and I went for a rummage on Wood Street to see what we could find, and settled on this great beach shack mirror. 

We decided to fill up on plants from the garden centre; lillies, mint, dalias, hydrangeas and agapanthus.

We headed back home loaded up with gorgeous blooms, stuck our feet in plastic bags to keep the soil out (good tip if you don't have welllies!) and got digging.

I filled an old butler sink with herbs. I just love how rustic it looks, and placed just by the back door it's really convenient for cooking. The mint needs to be in its own tub - it goes crazy otherwise, but the parsley, sage, chives and thyme are all happy nestled in together.

We dug for hours. After countless mosquito bites, snails, blistered hands and aching legs, we were done. The little roots were all snug in the ground while we had a well earned drink! It always looks a bit harsh when you've freshly planted them, but once they develop and bed in they'll look even more stunning. What did you get up to this weekend? 

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