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Monday, 7 July 2014


To celebrate the launch of HoloHolo, the designer invited us along to a little party at Mahiki in Mayfair. The Tiki style club was a perfect setting for the Hawaiian inspired brand. This tropical haunt is a favourite amoung the celebrities and because there are no VIP rooms, you could find yourself shoulder to shoulder with Rhianna on the dance floor.

We were there in time for the free drinks and fashion show, so no red carpet royalty tonight, just a few scantily clad ladies with legs up to the ceiling. A couple of Lucy’s PR pals came along for the night and helped us get sampling the cocktails. The menu is here so you can choose your own for next time.

We went for two Piña Coladas served in iced pineapples - Mahiki Grog rum, coconut cream and freshly blended pineapple blitzed to frothy perfection. We were still feeling fruity, so turned our attentions next to the Coconut Grenade.  A sweet and sour blend of coconut, lime juice and passionfruit with lashings of rum. These were a little small, but came with billowing clouds of dry ice and served stacked on a Polynesian idol to make up for it. 

I love the décor in this place. Even the toilet sinks are beautiful – big pearly shells perched on drift wood, stems of sea blue orchids and iridescent tiles. 

Rose Mary looked glowing and we’re all so proud of her! 

Next came the fashion show. Cameras flashed as the girls spun and strutted round the club showing off the new range. I spotted my own purchase looking amazing on one of the girls. I’m definitely going to need a spray tan…

Feeling a bit legless from all the rum, we decided to hop on the tube and head to East Street for some noodles. Pad Thai does wonders for soaking up alcohol and they serve you a refreshing glass of cool tea as you pick over the menu.   

I really love this place’s relaxed no frills canteen style.  It takes me back to my travelling student days and the neon lights of the Khao San Road strip. Their menu is inspired by East Asian street food from Vietnam, Japan, Thailand and Singapore. It’s always really fresh, quick, cheap and tasty. They even have their own mini mart where you can pick up spicy sauce, travel books, noodles and all sorts of other goodies. I’d recommend this place for a relaxed lunch lunch, post work supper and of course a Friday night booze soak up! Website is here.

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