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Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Cannes 2014: Luna Corona

Ever wished the moon would sit like a giant lime wedge on the rim of your beer bottle? Me neither... but you have to admire this crazy little idea. 

Essentially when consumers saw the ad, the moon would at some point in the evening land perfectly in line so as to appear as a fruity garnish to the product, thus linking it with nighttime. Clever, but perhaps a little dull waiting for that right moment in time, and trying to position yourself in the right spot. Good use of super space technology though.

(Ok so maybe NASA weren't involved), but I have to admit hitching up the luna journey across the sky with a giant beer bottle advert is odd and memorable. 

Probably why it picked up a gold media Lion this week for use of out-of-home media. Ad agency was Cramer Krasselt in Chicago, Media agency Delta in Miami. 
Still, there may be a little more work to be done to truly break the emotional consumer connection between a Mexican beach and an icy Corona...

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