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Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Dior Homage

With father's day fast approaching, Dior have begun re plugging their Dior Homme TV spot and some stunning accompanying James Dean style stills featuring the oosing and yes, ever so slightly clich√©charisma of Robert Pattinson. Last night I had the pleasure of re-experiencing the beautiful piece of black and white film directed by Romain Gavras.  

Yes it's a stereotype, yes it's typecasting using one of the hottest men to grace our TV screens and yes, it's not particularly funny or clever. But, you have to appreciate the story for what it is - a glamorous world gone bad, the underbelly of celebrity, behind the camera and all to a cracking soundtrack. It does what it's supposed to do - make us all yearn for him and the men want to smell like him. Simple. Expecting an ad to always make a profound social statement is unrealistic. Even with Dior's budget. For now, just enjoy those cheekbones.

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