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Sunday, 22 June 2014

G&T in the Park

Oop. The sun's out. It's picnic timeeeee! Yes, you may be thinking this is all we do... but sod it, we changed the venue. This time we jumped on the train to Bethnal Green and joined our friends in the spacious and sunny Victoria Park. No lovingly prepared food I'm afraid. A hangover meant our meal consisted of a prawn sandwich, popcorn and some mango in a packet. Oh, and Lucy brought quiche.

We managed to bag ourselves a bench, popped open a couple of cans of pre mixed G&T and set about catching up.

Our little World Cup mascot was there, sporting very funky and colourful nails. Salvador, I'm saving these pictures for your eighteenth birthday! Oh yes. 

Leon's cloud art...

Our neighbours on the grass were blaring out Summer tunes. Perfect for playing airplanes to...

When the clouds showed up and the beer was done, we ambled back to the village for more drinks and a little bonfire garden party. How did you spend your sunny Saturday? 

Erm, I asked for chocolate? 

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