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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Art Therapy

Tonight I was tired. Too tired for body movement, Zumba, Pilates or even walking. But I wanted to do something different, relaxing and pleasurable. I've been really admiring the work of a Romanian artist who does beautiful brightly coloured paintings - her name is Ana Maria Edulescu and you can take a peek at her work here.
Inspired, I decided to pop into our local art shop and buy some new oils and a canvas.

I couldn't wait to get home and try out my new goodies. I popped Spotify on, lit my nice smelly candle and brought my flowers to where I could see and enjoy them, and I set up. 

I began by sketching my scene lightly. I'm very impatient, so my style of working will always be loose, rough and chunky. I like my art to have texture and body - oil or acrylic is perfect for that.

I built up the white washed walls of my little houses first...using a smaller brush created a less smooth finish to the paint. I wanted to give the impression of true Mediterranean plaster wall texture.

Next came the water. I used a sea green base and then built blues on top. I then used a flat pallet knife to scrape waves across. I wanted a choppy sea with drama, movement and expression. 

I chose a bright red for the roofs - mirroring Ana's work. I think the way she does this is so simple and crude, but I love the impact it has, and reflects the bare simplicity of the Med's architecture and landscape. 

Using the thin edge of the knife I scratched in black to define the shapes of the buildings - I worked quickly to keep it rough and scruffy.

A dash of yellow for lift and light and my painting was complete.

I found this such an enjoyable way to pass a few hours on my own. In my little world and totally from my heart. Especially as now I have my own work to hang up in our new home next week - I can't wait to paint again. I think this may become my new go to pleasurable tool for those lonely nights
It goes without saying that tonight I had a simple and pleasurable meal when I was hungry and felt no need to eat at all. I was having too much fun! 

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