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Sunday, 13 April 2014

Highbury sunshine

Today was a beautiful day in London. The sun was shining and Spring was looking rather sexy. We spent the day having a lovely picnic with friends in Highbury park. 

 The light was so bright and the air was so fresh, it felt really good to be there.

I love blossum. It's so pretty and stunning - when we move into our new place we are going to plant our own one. It made me feel like we were having a stroll in Japan. I really want to go there one day - perhaps I'll make a pleasurable bucket list.

Our friends brought their gorgeous little boy Salvador. Do you remember him from my old blog post? Hasn't he grown! He was protecting his little car all day from the other children...

...and glamming it up in Mum's shades. Such a cool baby...

Tomasz's Mum's over from Poland, so she came along with his sister to enjoy the food! 

I love this photo! Proud parents having a moment just for the two of them... 

...until Salvador landed and broke up the funny business. 

We left full of food and very sleepy. Total bliss and very pleasurable. What did you get up to? 

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