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Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Healthy Feet, Happy Mind

I didn't have a full lunch break yesterday so I took a long one today and got my little toes done. The benefits of a pedicure (as well as being fun to do and making toes and feet look pretty) include keeping nails trimmed, calluses and dead skin build up controlled and the skin nice and soft.

Along with paying attention to the nails, good pedicures should focus on the whole foot and lower leg – including soaking in soothing bath salts, exfoliation, massage and moisturising. Massaging and stimulating the surface like this improves blood circulation, and helps to cleanse the body. It’s great for relaxation and easing fatigue too as it can help stretch out and loosen the muscles.

According to Eastern medicine the internal organs are linked to the feet, so giving them care and attention can transfer positive energy to the rest of your body. I don’t know about all that, but I know it felt damn good as I sank back in my lovely chair...

I always choose a bright coral or orange - it makes me think of tropical holidays, hibiscus flowers and cocktails. Orange is supposed to symbolise radiance, warmth and happiness - which is very appropriate for pleasurable weight loss. Orange is even said to bring emotional strength and to uplift the spirit. I can't argue with that... 

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