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Tuesday, 8 April 2014

A Special Engagement

It was Friday night in April, and in the grand Art Deco Savoy hotel for her birthday my sister became the future Mrs Brown. It was a beautiful night, with a beautiful ring, and Isaac made her the happiest lady in the world. Saturday night was for birthday nachos and burritos, lots of shots and wild dancing at Roadhouse in Covent garden. 

All of her friends were there, including a couple of stowaways from our home town of Chester.

Roadhouse is a great (and very naff) bar in Covent Garden. Perfect for a night of silly dancing and drinking - it was just like we were 18 again. Sometimes the places in London can be way too pretentious and serious with just that bit too much hipster about them. Roadhouse most certainly isn't. 

The night quickly went down hill as the J├Ągermeister started working it's magic...

Congratulations to the happy couple! Stay tuned for much wedding planning activities. 

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