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Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Joyful weight loss

Pleasurable weight loss is all about getting more of the fun stuff into our lives. It's about focusing less on calorie counting, measuring, fasting, and more about living. This week I've been having great fun throwing myself into coming up with all sorts of new ideas for adding more joy and pleasure into my life.  For me, fun means more holidays... so I've booked flights for May so I can return to this...

I attended a dance class not because I should but because it was the most fun thing I could think of doing (this snap was me post Zumba workout today - Maria killed us!) The one I went to is on at 6:30pm in the Dragon Hall in Holborn, and it's QUITE a workout - but really good fun.

I broke up my work day by enjoying lunch out of the office instead - me and a new friend from work popped to Itsu for one of their amazing Potsus and some sushi. It was only half an hour, but it felt great just chatting away and really getting to know each other a bit more. 

A sexy little dessert at a beautiful restaurant has always been my idea of fun, and there's nothing wrong with that as long as it's not the only source of pleasure I have.

Sometimes a quick walk round the block is the best way to get some breathing space - if the weather is nice of course!

The best part about this is that I can feel it working. I'm already eating much less this week and noticing my food choices are becoming more healthy and lighter naturally (without forcing it). Pleasure has even come from just trying to think about what fun thing I can do next, and by planning something totally new and unexpected. 

I do have to give my inner critic a good talking to though. I find that as long as I keep reminding myself I deserve joy and pleasure I feel much better. I even find myself getting a bit nervous at watching the numbers going down so quickly on the scales! I've already lost half a stone. I think deep down I am a little bit scared about losing the weight finally. I'm afraid about what people will think of me if I'm thin, or having a really good time (will they think I'm shallow and vain? Will they not like me anymore? Will I still be unhappy?) That takes a bit more reassurance that the people who truly love me will always be there for me. When I keep reminding myself of that, I feel able to keep going - it's been written time and time again that understanding the job your weight is doing for you (protection, an excuse, a shield) is the key to letting it go once and for all. 

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