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Tuesday, 8 April 2014

The Beautiful Nails Studio

In the spirit of pleasurable weight loss (and the fact that my nails seriously needed doing) I popped away on my lunch break to my new favourite haven.  When I need a bit of fun and relaxation in my day - The Beautiful Nail Studio near my work is the perfect getaway.

I love it here because they always fit me in. Perfect for when I just need a bit of space, calm and self care.

I always plump for Shellac nail colour because it lasts so much longer. The only slight down side is the lack of range. I think the shades they stock in Shellac will continue to grow - they've already got about 40 amazing colours to choose from (which is not a lot compared to their hundreds of other brands!) 

My nails and I spent a loving 15 minutes being soaked, filed, buffed, clipped, polished and moisturised by my favourite technician ever. He's so quick and professional and he never puts a brush stroke wrong.

Then I sat and did a spot of sunbathing under a UV lamp while my nails hardened up. 

In under half an hour I was back out the door and at my desk again. My brain felt less cloudy, my headache had gone, and I was able to focus clearly on how hungry I was. As a result I made better food choices because I wasn't eating out of stress (plus I had some fun, overheard some interesting gossip about a competitor agency and have great nails now!) 

The only thing was that I did feel a teensy bit guilty for even having a lunch break. That shadow of doubt did cross my mind, but I gave myself a few reassuring words, and reminded myself that I definitely do deserve to take a break at work. I am hoping that this is part of the process, and eventually this "naughty indulgence" will feel more like a reasonable need for self care. Let's hope so, because I'm enjoying it! 

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