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Thursday, 10 April 2014

The Natural Connection

We all know the benefits of being outdoors versus being stuck at a computer all day. Of course it's pleasurable (and therefore a slimming tool) being in the sunshine, in the woods, romping in fields or bird watching by a gushing river perhaps... just the thought of it makes me feel calmer. 
But what about those of us who live in a city? Trotting off to Regents Park is not always an option on a lunch break, and Richmond is a bit of a schlep too. Wonderful for weekends or a warm Summer's evening, but how can we get our nature/pleasure fix on Tottenham Court Road? 

Well, there's a little garden tucked behind Charlotte Street full of lovely flowers, trees and quite a lot of pigeons. Ok, so it's not exactly the Eden Project, but when I was feeling overwhelmed by my emails and the volume of work today, 10 minutes in here and I got my balance back.

Just feeling what a 15 minute break in a little inner city garden like this can do for the soul made me think how I can get more (proper) nature into my life. I'm from a village surrounded by farming fields and I think my authentic self craves the joy that acres of sweeping outdoor space and a bit more green can bring. 


As I headed back to the office I started thinking how I could begin to incorporate more nature into my life. Visions of Hampstead Heath picnics, trips to The New Forest or even just walking home via the park popped into my mind as great new avenues of joy to explore. Either way, I suspect that nature and my journey to Joyful & Slim are going to go hand in hand.

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